Sky's Memory 

We know how much our pets mean to us, and wanted a way to keep them with us always, which is what led us to creating this line of memorial jewelry. 

Horse Hair Bracelets and Keychains

Resin Pendants and Rings

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Keep their memory alive forever and a piece of them close to your heart.


1. Email with what you’re looking for and any reference images you have in mind.

2. Let us know which colours and types you’d like for beads, tint, glitter, hardware, etc. if applicable.

3. Horsehair jewelry please specify which style braid you prefer.

4. Resin jewelry please specify which style/size mold you’d like used.

5. Please send the measurements for any bracelets, necklace chain or rings ordered. We know these are very personal pieces and want to ensure they are perfectly fit to you.

6. Send us as much to work with as you like. Any unused hair, ash, etc. will be returned to you with your finished items. (Hair does not need to be clean/detangled as we wash and condition everything prior to use.)

7. Mail or deliver your fur, hair or ash.

When finished you will receive photos of your product prior to us returning it, this is when payment is due before pickup or us shipping it back to you.

Each order will be sent home with a care card and a year of free repairs on a piece that we hope will last a lifetime carrying the memory of your beloved family member with you